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Radiation Yokohama is down for a change


If you enjoyed the data, thank you. The wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant appears to be cooling down and in the past months I noticed no major new releases of  radioactive  pollution.  Many vigilant people use their Geiger counters and dosemeters to locate hotspots and some that were found have no relation to the disaster at Fukushima.

Strontium that was measured in some places is normal for nuclear accident  releases. Similar to what was deposited in Southern Germany from Chernobyl Strontium-90 (Summary in German) contributes about 1% of the activity of Cesium-137 and 134.

For ease of use I plan to replace the graph with a single value, easier to read than interpreting the up and down of the random event that radiation is at short sample times. I hope to get the software play nice with the data aggregation site at


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  1. matias kroll permalink

    why would someone be afraid to tell their real name?!otherwise the is noc trust in you

  2. Glad you like the information and want to trust it more. I try to indicate sources for everything I post so you can see what is from me (the parts that are sometimes not working). I use my pseudonym because it googles better. Or I did not think about it. Hint taken, added operator name in “About”.

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