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Trying something else, data stream in the cloud


Data graphing started 2011-08-27 may be discontinued

Working with the radiation data  acquisition and graphing software AW-RADW turned out OK for this graphic display but the combination with batch files reminded  me of a temporary career step as an IT Network admin 20 years ago. In other words, I did not get it to run, reliably. The combined software takes more than 10 minutes to update 5 4 graphs so every second run does not start because the prior instance has not yet finished. All the data points are there, only the update is infrequent.

What’s more, data released as graphic do not join private sector initiative maps, such as or the map by the Institute for Information Design, Japan.

Cloud to the rescue

Finding many radiation counters in Japan on maps with data streams pointing to, I decided to give that a try.  This meant a new set of batch files, to start the application AW-RADW, tell it to write to an ASCII file every 10 minutes and put the value to a pachube data stream.   More to come as I learn the basics.


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